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Corsica Raid Aventure starts on Saturday. The convocation time (morning or afternoon) is fixed and based on the host site and will be specified several months before the race. You start by the welcome, delivery of the road book and map extracts, recovery of promotional materials, the administrative checks, registering your emergency mobile phone, and the one of your individual kits ropes-canyoning. Then we followed that with a general briefing made by the race direction. 
From Sunday, daily departures stages are performed in the early morning. The race is composed of series of sections combining adventure disciplines and eventually discovered sections. One or more assistance points allow you to change materials and refuel (and change racer for version CRA 2+1). One or more Check Point horary allow to offer a race where the world’s elite to the Discoverers teams, live the same extraordinary adventure together. 
On (or several) night stage will be in the program. Deparature at night for a long stage based on one or several section that the Corsica Raid offers. And at night it’s still very different from what we may feel during the day. 
Thusrday late afternoon, everyone has arrived. It is the night closing ceremony. Aperitif and awards ceremony, followed by a meal where it’s time to relax.



city stage